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The New Braunfels Schuetzen Verein (NB Shooting Club) is a rifle club that traces its roots prior to July 4, 1849 , when German immigrants, who bought shares in the club in Germany before settling the town of New Braunfels in 1845.  The club was officially organized July 4, 1849.

Over the years, the NBSV has evolved to meet the needs of our members and changed to admit or discard methods of shooting such as going from muzzleloaders to breech loading to fixed ammo. Many different targets have been used as well as the distances they were shot at. After World War I members were basically shooting the standard centerfire cartridges at 200 yards, and started shooting .22 caliber Rimfire at 100 yards. Eventually, there was not enough participation to hold 200 yard matches, but plenty of interest in the .22 rimfire discipline. Finally, the centerfire matches were phased out. Today, we only hold one traditional 200 yard match a year using the traditional-type centerfire rifles. It is our hope that this tradition be carried on and expanded in the future.

At this time, NBSV host .22 RF matches from March through October. Practice matches are just that, where members meet and compete among themselves and guests. NBSV and other area clubs hold prize Shoots. These matches are included on our schedules.

Prior to 2002 shooting was done using only metallic sights with the exception of those over 70 years of age allowed to use a telescope. We now hold matches with both iron sight and scope classes.

Special matches are held which have traditional significance such as our King & Queen, Sattler Offhand, and Simon Rest Memorial matches, which require more detailed explanation.

All ages are welcome to shoot; minors should be accompanied by an adult.